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NEWS! Baby Style do Layby's both Online and In store for up to 6 months!

by Jonas Lu December 08, 2016

NEWS! Baby Style do Layby's both Online and In store for up to 6 months!

Are you planning for the arrival of your new born? Have a special birthday coming up? Or looking for gift for Christmas? Start a Layby with the Baby Style to take the pressure off and make it easy for you! With a small 10% deposit and up to 6 months to pay* Laybys are a great way to get ready for big and small occasions. 

No interests means no pressure. Customers have up to 6 months to pay for their purchase, from the date the order is placed. Terms and conditions apply. Email us to enquire now. 


*How Does it work?

First of all you need to go shopping, find the product(s) that you want and add them to your shopping basket by pressing the add to cart button on the product(s) that you wish to purchase.

If you wish to purchase a number of products press the continue shopping button and you will be directed back to the website. If you want to proceed to the checkout press the checkout button. We offer free shipping for all orders over $100. There is no additional charge for using the Lay-By Option.

When you are at the checkout fill out your personal details name address etc At the bottom you will be offered 3 methods of payment Credit Card, Bank Deposit, and Lay-By select the Lay-By option with your preferred term option from the menu.

Once everything is in place press the Place Order Button. You will be e-mailed a confirmation e-mail with our banking details, what you have ordered, your order number, member number and a link etc to our website.

We will contact you shortly with the deposit amount, which is just 10% of the total order. We will email you within 24hrs of you placing the order to ensure there is no confusion.

Jonas Lu
Jonas Lu

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